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Publication numberCA2229578 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2229578
PCT numberPCT/US1996/013400
Publication date27 Feb 1997
Filing date16 Aug 1996
Priority date16 Aug 1995
Also published asCA2229578C, CN1195437A, EP0845176A1, EP0845176A4, US6049551, US6212201, US20010000457, WO1997007606A1
Publication numberCA 2229578, CA 2229578 A1, CA 2229578A1, CA-A1-2229578, CA2229578 A1, CA2229578A1, PCT/1996/13400, PCT/US/1996/013400, PCT/US/1996/13400, PCT/US/96/013400, PCT/US/96/13400, PCT/US1996/013400, PCT/US1996/13400, PCT/US1996013400, PCT/US199613400, PCT/US96/013400, PCT/US96/13400, PCT/US96013400, PCT/US9613400
InventorsLawrence Fish, Ian Lerner, Larry W. Hinderks, Roswell Roberts
ApplicantLawrence Fish, Ian Lerner, Larry W. Hinderks, Starguide Digital Networks, Inc., Roswell Roberts
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Dynamic allocation of bandwidth for transmission of audio signals and a video signal
CA 2229578 A1
A method and apparatus are provided for dynamically allocated multiple slots within a multi-channel multi-carrier transmission system (60). The slots may be allocated sequentially or non-sequentially. The data transmission rate for each slot remains constant, while multiple slots may be allocated to a single user service (75). Each carrier signal contains header data regarding all other carriers associated with the transmission system (60) to identify the allocation of slots to user services (75). In an alternative embodiment, an encoding and transmitting system (500) is provided for transmitting one or more video and audio encoded signals (518, 520, 522, 524) in a time division multiplexed (526) manner along separate channels having fixed bandwidths.
Multiple audio channels may be transmitted simultaneously with a related single video channel, and vice versa. The time division multiplexed audio/video signals (532) may be transmitted over a single carrier or multiple carriers (528, 530).
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International ClassificationH04N7/52, H04L5/02, H04N21/2368, H04N21/434, H04L27/26, H04J3/16, H04J1/00
Cooperative ClassificationH04N21/2385, H04L5/023, H04J3/1682, H04L27/2601, H04Q2213/13332, H04N21/2368
European ClassificationH04N21/2368, H04N21/434A, H04L5/02Q, H04L27/26M, H04J3/16C
Legal Events
7 Jan 2000EEERExamination request
16 Aug 2005MKLALapsed