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Publication numberCA2214839 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2214839
PCT numberPCT/GB1996/000536
Publication date12 Sep 1996
Filing date8 Mar 1996
Priority date8 Mar 1995
Also published asCA2214839C, CN1183190A, EP0813783A1, US6452905, WO1996027966A1
Publication numberCA 2214839, CA 2214839 A1, CA 2214839A1, CA-A1-2214839, CA2214839 A1, CA2214839A1, PCT/1996/536, PCT/GB/1996/000536, PCT/GB/1996/00536, PCT/GB/96/000536, PCT/GB/96/00536, PCT/GB1996/000536, PCT/GB1996/00536, PCT/GB1996000536, PCT/GB199600536, PCT/GB96/000536, PCT/GB96/00536, PCT/GB96000536, PCT/GB9600536
InventorsAvril Joy Smith, John Leonard Adams
ApplicantAvril Joy Smith, John Leonard Adams, Oxford Brookes University, British Telecommunications Public Limited Company
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Broadband switching system
CA 2214839 A1
In a broadband switching system for the switching of asynchronously transferred cells of data, a dynamic bandwidth controller (DBC) controls the application of data cells to an input port of the system, the data cells being supplied by a number of transmitting end-systems. When an end-system begins transmitting data cells, the DBC
detects the presence of incoming cells and requests bandwidth from a connection admission control (CAC) forming part of the system. The switching system stores a table associating a number of signal sources connected to the input port with respective predetermined maximum transmission times and maximum transmission rates for the sources. When arrival of cells at the input port from one of the source is detected, the DBC and CAC operate together to allocate sufficient bandwidth in the switching system to allow the respective message size to be transmitted within the respective maximum transmission time.
A guaranteed minimum rate of transmission is also guaranteed for the source.
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International ClassificationH04L12/54, H04L12/70, H04Q3/00, H04Q11/04
Cooperative ClassificationH04L2012/5649, H04L2012/5615, H04L2012/5635, H04L12/5602, H04L2012/5639, H04L2012/5632, H04L2012/5636, H04Q11/0478
European ClassificationH04L12/56A1, H04Q11/04S2
Legal Events
5 Mar 2003EEERExamination request
8 Mar 2012MKLALapsed