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Publication numberCA2207414 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2207414
PCT numberPCT/US1995/016194
Publication date20 Jun 1996
Filing date14 Dec 1995
Priority date15 Dec 1994
Also published asCA2207414C, CN1088730C, CN1175270A, CN1321708A, CN100351320C, CN101240119A, CN101240119B, DE69527543D1, DE69527543T2, DE69527543T3, DE69536066D1, DE69536111D1, EP0799281A1, EP0799281B1, EP0799281B2, EP1225205A2, EP1225205A3, EP1225205B1, EP1942156A1, EP1942156B1, US5851280, US5900029, US6042643, US6494946, US6740151, US7294185, US20030095914, US20050034629, WO1996018688A1
Publication numberCA 2207414, CA 2207414 A1, CA 2207414A1, CA-A1-2207414, CA2207414 A1, CA2207414A1, PCT/1995/16194, PCT/US/1995/016194, PCT/US/1995/16194, PCT/US/95/016194, PCT/US/95/16194, PCT/US1995/016194, PCT/US1995/16194, PCT/US1995016194, PCT/US199516194, PCT/US95/016194, PCT/US95/16194, PCT/US95016194, PCT/US9516194
InventorsJames A. Belmont, Robert M. Amici, Collin P. Galloway
ApplicantCabot Corporation, James A. Belmont, Robert M. Amici, Collin P. Galloway
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Carbon black reacted with diazonium salts and products
CA 2207414 A1
Processes for preparing a carbon black product having an organic group attached to the carbon black. In one process at least one diazonium salt reacts with a carbon black in the absence of an externally applied electric current sufficient to reduce the diazonium salt. In another process at least one diazonium salt reacts with a carbon black in a protic reaction medium. Carbon black products which may be prepared according to process of the invention are described as well as uses of such carbon black products in plastic compositions, rubber compositions, paper compositions, and textile compositions.
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International ClassificationC09C3/08, C09C1/56, D06M11/74, D21H21/28, C09D11/02, C09B39/00, D01F1/04, C09D5/02, C09D11/00, D01F11/14, C08L21/00, C09D11/18, C09C1/58, D21H17/69, C09D7/00, C08K9/04, D06P1/44, C01B
Cooperative ClassificationC09D7/41, C01P2004/62, Y10S524/925, C04B2235/424, C09C3/08, C09C1/565, C08K9/04, D01F11/14, D06P1/44, C09C1/56, D21H17/69, C09D11/324, C09D5/028, C09D11/037, D06M11/74, C01P2006/19, C01P2006/12, C09D11/18, D21H21/285, C04B2235/425, C09B39/00, C09C1/58, C04B35/63
European ClassificationC08K9/04, C09D11/324, C09D11/037, D21H17/69, C09D5/02K8, C09C1/56B, C09C3/08, D06P1/44, D01F11/14, C09C1/58, C09C1/56, C09D7/00P, D06M11/74, C09B39/00, C09D11/18, C04B35/63
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16 Dec 2002EEERExamination request
15 Feb 2016MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20151214