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Publication numberCA2195534 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2195534
PCT numberPCT/US1995/009652
Publication date8 Feb 1996
Filing date5 Jul 1995
Priority date26 Jul 1994
Also published asCA2195534C, CA2342454A1, CA2342454C, CA2369499A1, CA2369499C, CA2552443A1, CA2552443C, CN1097368C, CN1154770A, CN1165125C, CN1223127C, CN1228937C, CN1229935C, CN1252957C, CN1337797A, CN1373581A, CN1373582A, CN1373583A, CN1490966A, CN1501611A, CN1501611B, CN1503493A, CN1503493B, DE772928T1, DE1033840T1, DE19581709T0, DE19581709T1, DE69528275D1, DE69528275T2, DE69535594D1, DE69535594T2, DE69536056D1, EP0772928A1, EP0772928A4, EP0772928B1, EP1033840A1, EP1033840B1, EP1860811A1, EP1860811B1, US5553062, US5719852, US6014373, US6259688, US6868076, US6868078, US6876665, US7027423, US7161919, US7164668, US7167462, US7167464, US7230938, US7242675, US20010019548, US20020167925, US20020172171, US20020172172, US20020172173, US20020186673, US20020191571, US20020196757, US20030002463, US20050157743, US20070258412, WO1996003819A1
Publication numberCA 2195534, CA 2195534 A1, CA 2195534A1, CA-A1-2195534, CA2195534 A1, CA2195534A1, PCT/1995/9652, PCT/US/1995/009652, PCT/US/1995/09652, PCT/US/95/009652, PCT/US/95/09652, PCT/US1995/009652, PCT/US1995/09652, PCT/US1995009652, PCT/US199509652, PCT/US95/009652, PCT/US95/09652, PCT/US95009652, PCT/US9509652
InventorsDonald L. Schilling, John Kowalski, Shimon Moshavi
ApplicantDonald L. Schilling, John Kowalski, Shimon Moshavi, Interdigital Technology Corporation
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Spread spectrum interference canceler system and method
CA 2195534 A1
A spread-spectrum CDMA interference canceler for reducing interference in a DS/CDMA receiver having N chip-code channels. The interference canceler includes a plurality of correlators (54, 64, 74), a plurality of spread-spectrum-processing circuits (55, 65, 75), subtracting circuits (150), and channel correlators (146). Using a plurality of chip-code signals generated from chip codeword signal generators (52, 62, 72), the correlators (54, 64, 74) despreads the spread-spectrum CDMA signal as a plurality of despread signals. The plurality of spread-spectrum-processing circuits (55, 65, 75) uses a timed version of the plurality of chip-code signals generated from the delay devices (53, 63, 73), for spread-spectrum processing the plurality of despread signals. For recovering a code channel using an ith chip-code-signal, the subtracting circuits (150) subtracts from the spread-spectrum CDMA signal, each of the N-1 spread-spectrum-processed-despread signals thereby generating a subtracted signal. The channel-correlator (146) despreads the subtracted signal.
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International ClassificationH04B1/707, H04B1/7107, H04B1/709, H04B1/7093, H04L7/00, H04B1/10, H04B7/216, H04B1/12
Cooperative ClassificationH04B1/7093, H04B1/71075, H04B1/709
European ClassificationH04B1/7107B, H04B1/7093, H04B1/709
Legal Events
20 Jan 1997EEERExamination request
7 Sep 2015MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20150706