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Publication numberCA2184451 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2184451
Publication date18 Jul 1997
Filing date29 Aug 1996
Priority date17 Jan 1996
Also published asCA2184451C, CN1135303C, CN1161429A, EP0874967A1, EP0874967A4, US5668920, US6160956, WO1997026487A1
Publication numberCA 2184451, CA 2184451 A1, CA 2184451A1, CA-A1-2184451, CA2184451 A1, CA2184451A1
InventorsKosta L. Pelonis
ApplicantKosta L. Pelonis, Pelonis USA, Ltd., Pelonis Appliances, Inc.
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Combined ceiling mounted fan and co-operating electric heating assembly
CA 2184451 A1
A combined ceiling mounted low velocity circulating fan and co-operating electric heating assembly includes a conventional ceiling fan and a heating assembly unobtrusively mounted below the ceiling fan and having a PTC heating element and second fan for circulating air over the heating element. The dual purpose fan provides heat in an efficient, effective and comfortable manner.
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International ClassificationF24H3/04, F24F7/007, F21V33/00, F04D29/58, F04D25/08
Cooperative ClassificationF21V33/0092, F24H9/1872, F24F7/007, F04D25/088, F24H3/0411, F04D29/5826, F04D29/582
European ClassificationF24H9/18B2A, F04D29/58C, F04D29/58C2, F24F7/007, F04D25/08D, F24H3/04B2, F21V33/00F2
Legal Events
20 Aug 2003EEERExamination request
10 Oct 2013MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20130829