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Publication numberCA2176621 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2176621
Publication date14 Jan 1992
Filing date12 Jul 1991
Priority date13 Jul 1990
Also published asCA2046974A1, CA2046974C, CA2176621C, DE69117366D1, DE69117366T2, EP0466518A2, EP0466518A3, EP0466518B1, EP0680734A2, EP0680734A3, US5275622
Publication numberCA 2176621, CA 2176621 A1, CA 2176621A1, CA-A1-2176621, CA2176621 A1, CA2176621A1
InventorsHarrison M. Lazarus, Ronald G. Williams, Wesley D. Sterman, Alec A. Piplani
ApplicantHarrison M. Lazarus, Ronald G. Williams, Wesley D. Sterman, Alec A. Piplani, Harrison Medical Technologies, Inc., Endovascular Technologies, Inc.
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Endovascular Grafting Apparatus, System and Method and Devices for Use Therewith
CA 2176621 A1
Endovascular grafting system having a capsule catheter comprising a flexible elongate tubular member having proximal and distal extremities and a capsule mounted on the distal extremity of the tubular member.
The capsule is generally cylindrical in shape and is formed of a helical wrap of a metal ribbon. The wraps are bonded into a unitary capsule permitting bending of said unitary capsule. A graft is disposed within the capsule. The graft is comprised of a tubular member having proximal and distal ends. Hooks are secured to the proximal and distal ends of the tubular member and face in a direction outwardly towards the inner wall of the capsule. A push rod is disposed within the capsule catheter and engages the graft whereby upon relative movement between the push rod and the capsule catheter, the graft can be forced out of the capsule.
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International ClassificationA61B17/11, A61B19/00, A61F2/04, A61B17/00, A61M29/00, A61F2/00, A61F2/46
Cooperative ClassificationA61B90/39, A61F2230/0054, A61F2002/8486, A61F2002/3008, A61F2002/075, A61F2220/0058, A61F2250/0098, A61F2/04, A61M2025/1068, A61F2/958, A61B17/11, A61F2/07, A61F2002/30451, A61M25/10, A61F2/89, A61F2/848, A61F2220/0016, A61F2220/0008
European ClassificationA61F2/958, A61F2/07, A61B17/11, A61F2/04, A61M25/10
Legal Events
14 May 1996EEERExamination request
14 Jul 2003MKLALapsed