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Publication numberCA2173204 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2173204
PCT numberPCT/US1994/002961
Publication date13 Apr 1995
Filing date16 Mar 1994
Priority date1 Oct 1993
Also published asCA2173204C, CA2173209A1, CA2173209C, DE69426456D1, DE69426456T2, DE69428725D1, DE69428725T2, DE69429684D1, DE69429684T2, DE69430272D1, DE69430272T2, DE69431525D1, DE69431525T2, DE69431536D1, DE69431536T2, DE69432803D1, DE69432803T2, DE69433042D1, DE69433042T2, DE69434762D1, DE69434762T2, DE69435132D1, EP0721725A1, EP0721725B1, EP0721726A1, EP0721726B1, EP0898424A2, EP0898424A3, EP0898424B1, EP0899952A2, EP0899952A3, EP0899952B1, EP0899953A2, EP0899953A3, EP0899953B1, EP0899954A2, EP0899954A3, EP0899954B1, EP0912055A2, EP0912055A3, EP0912055B1, EP0912056A2, EP0912056A3, EP0912056B1, EP0955765A1, EP1307038A2, EP1307038A3, EP1307038B1, EP1705913A1, EP1705913B1, US5617539, US5689641, US5758079, US5802294, US5854893, US5867654, US5884039, US5896500, US5915091, US5978835, US6212547, US6237025, US6343314, US6351762, US6426769, US6437818, US6583806, US20020154210, WO1995010157A1, WO1995010158A2, WO1995010158A3
Publication numberCA 2173204, CA 2173204 A1, CA 2173204A1, CA-A1-2173204, CA2173204 A1, CA2173204A1, PCT/1994/2961, PCT/US/1994/002961, PCT/US/1994/02961, PCT/US/94/002961, PCT/US/94/02961, PCT/US1994/002961, PCT/US1994/02961, PCT/US1994002961, PCT/US199402961, PCT/US94/002961, PCT/US94/02961, PCT/US94002961, PCT/US9402961
InventorsLester F. Ludwig, J. Chris Lauwers, Keith A. Lantz, Gerald J. Burnett, Emmett R. Burns
ApplicantLester F. Ludwig, J. Chris Lauwers, Keith A. Lantz, Gerald J. Burnett, Emmett R. Burns, Vicor, Inc., Collaboration Properties, Inc., Avistar Communications Corporation, Intellectual Ventures Fund 61 Llc
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Multimedia collaboration system
CA 2173204 A1
A collaboration system that integrates separate real-time and asynchronous networks - the former for real-time audio and video, and the latter for control signals and textual, graphical and other data - in a manner which closely approximates the experience of face-to-face collaboration. These capabilities are achieved by exploiting a variety of hardware, software and networking technologies in a manner that preserves the quality and integrity of audio/video/data and other multimedia information, even after wide area transmission, and at a significantly reduced networking cost as compared to what would be required by presently known approaches. The system architecture is readily scalable to the largest enterprise network environments. It accommodates differing levels of collaborative capabilities available to individual users and permits high-quality audio and video capabilities to be readily superimposed onto existing personal computers and workstations (12) and their interconnecting LANs (10) and WANs (15). In the case of a plurality of geographically dispersed LANs (10) interconnected by a WAN (15), the demands made on the WAN are significantly reduced by employing multi-hopping techniques, including avoiding the unnecessary decompression of data at intermediate hops, as well as video mosaicing and cut-and-paste technology.
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International ClassificationG06F13/00, G06F15/16, G06Q10/00, H04N7/15, H04M7/12, H04M3/42, H04M3/428, H04M3/56, H04L12/58, H04M7/00, H04N7/14, H04M3/53, H04L12/18, H04L29/08, H04L29/06
Cooperative ClassificationH04L51/00, H04L65/4038, H04L29/06, H04L12/1818, H04Q2213/13337, H04Q2213/1332, H04Q2213/1324, H04N7/147, H04L12/185, H04Q2213/1326, H04M3/564, H04M3/42221, H04L12/1831, H04N7/148, H04M3/562, H04M3/567, H04M3/42323, H04M7/006, H04Q2213/13175, H04L12/1822, H04N7/15, H04Q2213/1322, H04Q2213/13093, H04M2201/38, H04L12/1813, H04M3/563, H04Q2213/13389, H04L29/06027, H04M2203/5018, H04L12/1827, H04M2203/5027, H04M7/12, H04L12/1836, H04M3/4285, H04N7/152, H04Q2213/1305, H04Q2213/1319, H04L51/04, H04M3/5307, H04L67/36, H04L67/14, H04L65/80, G06Q10/10
European ClassificationG06Q10/10, H04M3/56D, H04M3/56G, H04L12/58B, H04L12/18D3, H04L12/18D1, H04L12/18D2, H04L12/58, H04L29/08N13, H04M3/56M, H04N7/15M, H04L12/18D, H04N7/14A3, H04N7/14A4, H04L29/08N35, H04L29/06, H04N7/15, H04L29/06C2, H04M3/53M, H04L29/06M8, H04L29/06M4C2, H04L12/18D4
Legal Events
1 Apr 1996EEERExamination request
19 May 2014MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20140317