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Publication numberCA2171199 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2171199
PCT numberPCT/US1994/009222
Publication date2 Mar 1995
Filing date15 Aug 1994
Priority date20 Aug 1993
Also published asCA2171199C, CN1068279C, CN1131404A, DE69406798D1, DE69406798T2, EP0714352A1, EP0714352B1, US5462807, WO1995005942A1
Publication numberCA 2171199, CA 2171199 A1, CA 2171199A1, CA-A1-2171199, CA2171199 A1, CA2171199A1, PCT/1994/9222, PCT/US/1994/009222, PCT/US/1994/09222, PCT/US/94/009222, PCT/US/94/09222, PCT/US1994/009222, PCT/US1994/09222, PCT/US1994009222, PCT/US199409222, PCT/US94/009222, PCT/US94/09222, PCT/US94009222, PCT/US9409222
InventorsRichard Wayne Halle, Donna Sue Davis, Charles Ray Harris, Jr.
ApplicantRichard Wayne Halle, Donna Sue Davis, Charles Ray Harris, Jr., Exxon Chemical Patents, Inc., Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.
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Heat sealable films and articles
CA 2171199 A1
The invention concerns a certain class of polymers, their production into films and applications for their use. These polymers have unique properties which make them particularly well suited for use in polymeric films. These films are very useful in applications requiring heat sealability, particularly those applications containing an ionomer film. It has been discovered that polymers derived from metallocene catalyst systems surprisingly heat seal extremely well, as compared to polymer produced by conventional Ziegler-Natta catalysts, to a class of polymers known as ionomers.
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Legal Events
10 Aug 2000EEERExamination request
15 Aug 2005MKLALapsed