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Publication numberCA2155947 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2155947
PCT numberPCT/US1994/001985
Publication date1 Sep 1994
Filing date22 Feb 1994
Priority date22 Feb 1993
Also published asCA2155947C, CN1118136A, CN1245156C, DE69433723D1, DE69433723T2, DE69433723T3, EP0693924A1, EP0693924A4, EP0693924B1, EP0693924B2, US5498421, US5635207, US5639473, US20090048331, WO1994018954A1
Publication numberCA 2155947, CA 2155947 A1, CA 2155947A1, CA-A1-2155947, CA2155947 A1, CA2155947A1, PCT/1994/1985, PCT/US/1994/001985, PCT/US/1994/01985, PCT/US/94/001985, PCT/US/94/01985, PCT/US1994/001985, PCT/US1994/01985, PCT/US1994001985, PCT/US199401985, PCT/US94/001985, PCT/US94/01985, PCT/US94001985, PCT/US9401985
InventorsMark W. Grinstaff, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Michael Wong, Paul A. Sandford, Kenneth S. Suslick, Neil P. Desai
ApplicantMark W. Grinstaff, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Michael Wong, Paul A. Sandford, Kenneth S. Suslick, Neil P. Desai, Vivorx, Clover Consolidated, Ltd., Vivorx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., American Bioscience, Inc., Abraxis Bioscience, Inc., Abraxis Bioscience, Llc
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Methods for in vivo delivery of biologics and compositions useful therefor
CA 2155947 A1
In accordance with the present invention, there are provided compositions useful for the in vivo de-livery of a biologic, wherein the biologic is associated with a polymeric shell formulated from a biocompatible material. The biologic can be associated with the poly-meric shell itself, and/or the biologic, optionally sus-pended/dispersed in a biocompatible dispersing agent, can be encased by the polymeric shell. In another as-pect, the biologic associated with polymeric shell is ad-ministered to a subject, optionally dispersed in a suitable biocompatible liquid.
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International ClassificationA23L33/00, A61K47/30, A61K49/04, A61K49/00, A61K47/48, A61K49/22, A61K49/18, A61K9/00, A61K9/50, A61K9/51, A61K51/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61K47/6925, A61K47/6927, A23L33/40, A61K9/5169, A61K9/5161, A61K9/5146, A61K49/226, A61K9/0026, A61K9/5138, A61K49/1818, A61K49/222, A61K49/223, A61K49/1863, A61K49/126, A61K49/18, A61K9/5052, B82Y5/00
European ClassificationB82Y5/00, A61K49/12P, A61K49/18R, A61K49/18R2N2K8, A61K47/48W8, A61K47/48W8D, A23L1/29F, A61K9/50H6H, A61K49/22P, A61K9/00M5F, A61K49/22P12, A61K49/22P4, A61K49/18, A61K9/51H6B, A61K9/51H6D, A61K9/51H6F, A61K9/51H6H
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8 Jan 2001EEERExamination request
28 Apr 2014MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20140224