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Publication numberCA2147551 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2147551
Publication date28 Oct 1995
Filing date21 Apr 1995
Priority date27 Apr 1994
Also published asCA2147551C, EP0679924A1, US5654736
Publication numberCA 2147551, CA 2147551 A1, CA 2147551A1, CA-A1-2147551, CA2147551 A1, CA2147551A1
InventorsMino Green, James Hampson
ApplicantMino Green, James Hampson, Societa Italiana Vetro - Siv - S.P.A.
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Apparatus for the Control of an Electrochromic Window
CA 2147551 A1
An apparatus for the control of an electrochromic window having a three-electrode structure (2, 8, 5) comprises a comparator (12) to maintain within safe limits the potential difference of the electrode (2) and the reference electrode (5), and a shunt unit (16) to switch off the power supply when the current falls below a lower limit and a unit for controlling the colouring density on the basis of the quantity of charge supplied or the optical density of the colouring.
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International ClassificationG09G3/38, G02F1/163, C03C4/06
Cooperative ClassificationG02F1/163
European ClassificationG02F1/163
Legal Events
21 Apr 1995EEERExamination request
23 Apr 2001MKLALapsed