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Publication numberCA2098043 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2098043
Publication date12 Dec 1993
Filing date9 Jun 1993
Priority date11 Jun 1992
Also published asCA2098043C, DE69324406D1, DE69324406T2, EP0573984A1, EP0573984B1, US5489995
Publication numberCA 2098043, CA 2098043 A1, CA 2098043A1, CA-A1-2098043, CA2098043 A1, CA2098043A1
InventorsToshimitsu Iso, Kenji Nagata
ApplicantToshimitsu Iso, Kenji Nagata, Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
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Gapless support system for contact type image sensor
CA 2098043 A1
A contact type image sensor comprises a transparent member which can contact an original such as a document to be read, a light source for radiating light onto the original via the transparent member, a sensor for receiving light reflected by the original, an imaging element for imaging the reflected light on a light-receiving portion of the sensor, and support unit for supporting the sensor, the imaging element, the transparent member, and the light source. At least one of the imaging element and the light source is supported by the transparent member and the support unit. Preferably, the transparent member and the imaging element are supported in a tight contact state without forming a gap between them.
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International ClassificationH04N1/031
Cooperative ClassificationH04N1/0318, H04N2201/03175, H04N1/0312, H04N1/0315, H04N1/00909, H04N2201/03112, H04N2201/0317
European ClassificationH04N1/031A2, H04N1/00S, H04N1/031D, H04N1/031E
Legal Events
9 Jun 1993EEERExamination request
9 Jun 2008MKLALapsed