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Publication numberCA2069009 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2069009
PCT numberPCT/US1991/007061
Publication date16 Apr 1992
Filing date26 Sep 1991
Priority date1 Oct 1990
Also published asCA2069009C, DE69129449D1, DE69129449T2, EP0503059A1, EP0503059A4, EP0503059B1, US5113430, US5317627, US5355403, US5487103, US5581607, US5652785, US5692034, US5835572, US5943403, WO1992006548A1
Publication numberCA 2069009, CA 2069009 A1, CA 2069009A1, CA-A1-2069009, CA2069009 A1, CA2069009A1, PCT/1991/7061, PCT/US/1991/007061, PCT/US/1991/07061, PCT/US/91/007061, PCT/US/91/07061, PCT/US1991/007061, PCT/US1991/07061, PCT/US1991007061, PCT/US199107061, PCT/US91/007061, PCT/US91/07061, PCT/US91007061, PCT/US9107061
InventorsCharles Thomson Richardson, Jr., Kevin Lee Austin
ApplicantCharles Thomson Richardson, Jr., Kevin Lee Austin, United States Advanced Network, Inc.
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Enhanced wide area audio response network
CA 2069009 A1
An apparatus and method for providing enhanced wide area audio response services including a central controller (40) connected through a public network (16) to a plurality of audio peripherals (20a, 20b) which are distributed over a wide area to receive and originate telephone calls to receive, store and forward audio signals, the central controller (40) providing error notification services to operator personnel, providing utility grade service to the audio peripherals (20a, 20b), and utilizing Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) methods for identifying various applications, such as voice messaging, audio text, and remote information provider accessing:
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International ClassificationH04Q3/72, H04M3/50, H04M3/38, H04Q3/00, H04M15/00, H04M3/493, H04M3/22, H04M3/36, H04M3/533, H04M3/51, H04M3/527, H04M7/00, H04M3/42, H04M3/487
Cooperative ClassificationH04M3/42221, H04M3/533, H04Q2213/13377, H04M15/00, H04M3/4228, H04Q3/72, H04Q2213/13103, H04Q2213/13095, H04M3/382, H04M15/08, H04M3/51, H04M15/745, H04M3/4878, H04M2215/0148, H04Q2213/13376, H04M3/42059, H04M3/42102, H04Q3/0016, H04M2215/00, H04M3/42042, H04M2215/0116, H04Q2213/13299, H04M7/00, H04M15/47, H04M3/2281, H04M3/50, H04M2215/62, H04M2215/0108, H04M3/36, H04M3/436, H04M15/88, H04Q2213/1337, H04M3/53325, H04M3/527, H04M3/38, H04Q2213/13106, H04M3/42, H04M3/493, H04Q2213/13091, H04Q2213/13204, H04Q2213/1324, H04Q2213/1313, H04M2242/22
European ClassificationH04M15/08, H04M15/47, H04M15/88, H04M15/745, H04M3/42N, H04M3/50, H04M3/38A, H04M3/42, H04Q3/00D, H04M3/36, H04M3/22T, H04M3/533N, H04M3/487N6, H04M15/00, H04M3/533, H04M3/38, H04M3/493, H04M3/527
Legal Events
20 Mar 1998EEERExamination request
26 Sep 2011MKLALapsed
2 Dec 2012MKECExpiry (correction)
Effective date: 20121202