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Publication numberCA2067188 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2067188
PCT numberPCT/US1991/000607
Publication date20 Feb 1992
Filing date28 Jan 1991
Priority date10 Aug 1990
Also published asCA2067188C, DE495930T1, DE69131176D1, DE69131176T2, EP0495930A1, EP0495930B1, US5127730, WO1992002839A1
Publication numberCA 2067188, CA 2067188 A1, CA 2067188A1, CA-A1-2067188, CA2067188 A1, CA2067188A1, PCT/1991/607, PCT/US/1991/000607, PCT/US/1991/00607, PCT/US/91/000607, PCT/US/91/00607, PCT/US1991/000607, PCT/US1991/00607, PCT/US1991000607, PCT/US199100607, PCT/US91/000607, PCT/US91/00607, PCT/US91000607, PCT/US9100607
InventorsTodd Clark Brelje, Robert L. Sorenson
ApplicantTodd Clark Brelje, Robert L. Sorenson, The Regents Of The University Of Minnesota
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Multi-color laser scanning confocal imaging system
CA 2067188 A1
A true multi-color laser scanning confocal imaging system for use with a microscope is described in which a single laser having a multi-line output is used to simultaneously or individually excite a plurality of dyes. The images may be simultaneously viewed by a plurality of photomultiplier tubes to reconstruct an image showing distinct features of a specimen stained with different dyes. The images may also be constructed using a single detector is a time-multiplex fashion and using a computer to construct the image.
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International ClassificationG02B21/00
Cooperative ClassificationG02B21/0076, G02B21/0064
European ClassificationG02B21/00M4A7M, G02B21/00M4A7U
Legal Events
25 Sep 1992EEERExamination request
28 Jan 2011MKEXExpiry