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Publication numberCA2008066 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2008066
Publication date21 Jul 1990
Filing date18 Jan 1990
Priority date21 Jan 1989
Also published asCA2008066C, DE3901790A1, EP0379889A2, EP0379889A3, EP0379889B1, US5055924
Publication numberCA 2008066, CA 2008066 A1, CA 2008066A1, CA-A1-2008066, CA2008066 A1, CA2008066A1
InventorsHans Skutta
ApplicantHans Skutta, Gfk Gmbh
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Method for the remote-controlled substitution of a defined program part of a tv program by a separately transmitted program part for defined, selected receivers, household terminal for executing the method and method for operating a household terminal
CA 2008066 A1
In a method for the remote controlled substitution, in particular of a defined advertising spot by a test advertising spot for selected receivers, it has been provided that bi-phase modulated start codes are transmitted in the picture lines outside of the TV picture visible on the video screen for the control of the address-distributed TV signals for the program part to be substituted. To execute this method, a household terminal in the form of an interposed device for commercially available TV
receivers has been provided, which is distinguished by at least two tuners, the outputs of which are connected with a fade-over component, as well as a decoding circuit arrangement for decoding the switching code signals and for contact with the fade-over component. To achieve a field-exact switchover, i.e. one undetectable by the viewer, a synchronous frame detector arrangement is additionally provided, which field-exactly switches over the fade-over component from the original program to the synchronously transmitted substitute program in the vertical black-out gap.
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International ClassificationH04H20/76, H04N7/167, H04N7/16, H04N7/08, H04B1/20, H04N5/262, H04N17/00, H04N5/765
Cooperative ClassificationH04N5/765, H04B1/202, H04N7/08, H04N21/812, H04N7/1675, H04N7/16
European ClassificationH04N21/81C, H04B1/20B, H04N7/16, H04N5/765, H04N7/08, H04N7/167D
Legal Events
30 Mar 1994EEERExamination request
20 Jul 1996MKLALapsed