Chromebooks for Education

The Chromebook Family. A range of fast, portable computers for students and teachers.
With long battery life and Wi-Fi and 3G options, students learn in class or on the go.
Starting at $320.

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What is a Chromebook?

Skip the waiting. Sail through the set-up. The Chromebook is a new computer from Google for getting stuff done in and out of the classroom. It’s simple and secure, and has access to the web and apps built-in so students and teachers can work and learn right out of the box.

Best of Google

Your favourite Google apps, like Search, Gmail, and Docs, are included. And of course, access to the vast educational resources of the web.

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Easy to manage

Centrally configure, track and manage a school or district-wide fleet of Chrome devices via a web-based console.

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Hassles not included

24/7 support directly from Google. And a one-year hardware warranty. Virus protection built-in, and automatically stays up
to date.

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A new device

Learn how Chromebooks are different from other computers and tablets.

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