The new Acer Chromebook

No annoying updates. Nothing complicated to learn. No expensive software to buy. Starts in seconds. And comes with all your favorite Google apps. For $259.

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For doing

For the best of Google

Your favorite Google products built-in: Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts. So you can work, play, and do whatever you want, right out of the box. Choose from thousands of free apps and let Chromebook keep it all fresh with automatic updates.

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For playing

For brilliant detail

Games and videos come alive with its 11.6” ultra-bright screen. You can also connect it easily to external monitors and displays with HDMI and VGA outputs and multiple USB ports.

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For sharing

For no more mix-ups.

Easily switch between users in seconds. Share your Chromebook with friends, family and even the occasional guest. Everyone has their own files, apps and settings, and you never have to worry about anything getting messed up by someone else.

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For an easy life

Chromebooks are simple to use and they update themselves. They boot-up in seconds, never slow down and require almost zero setup or maintenance.

For being connected

The Chromebook features dual band Wi-Fi, 12 free Gogo Inflight passes, and offline apps for the rare times when you’re disconnected from the web.

For always backed up

Store and access your photos, music, videos, documents and more from anywhere with Google Drive. It’s simple. And it’s always backed up.

For virus haters

Viruses, malware and other nasties are taken care of. No extra software (or worrying) required.

Key specs

  • 11.6’’ screen
  • 1 inch thin / 3 pounds
  • Up to 4 hours of battery (Varies based on usage)
  • Boots up in less than 20 seconds
  • 100 GB of Google Drive free for 2 years

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Switch to Chromebook

Switching from another system (like Windows or Mac OS)? Get to know Chromebooks and learn how you can do everything you need and love to do.

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For schools and businesses

Learn how schools and businesses can easily manage Chromebooks to improve collaboration.

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