Featuring Google products in films or TV

If you would like to feature the Google logo or a Google product in a commercial, TV show, or film, please thoroughly read all of the guidelines on this site. If your use of the Google logo or brand falls within the parameters outlined on this site there is no need to email us. If you feel your question has not been answered by this site, please fill out the form below to start the conversation.

We will not review your request unless you provide the following: a synopsis of the production, a detailed description of how the Google product will be used, any relevant script pages, and most importantly visual mock-ups or screen shots of how the product will look on screen. It takes 2-3 weeks for us to review your request as there are many, so please be patient. Your inquiry is important to us.

If you want to use a Google product screenshot in your production, please review the Using Product Graphics section. If the screen shot has not been manipulated you may use it without requesting permission.

Requests that relate to geographic imagery from Google Maps or Google Earth should not be submitted here. Instead, please review the instructions on the Google Maps/Earth permissions page.

Request for permission to use Google brand features in film or TV productions