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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the gBall cost?

The gBall is $10 upfront, with subsequent payments on a cost-per-kick basis, with the cost determined algorithmically, depending on time of day and distance kicked. However, costs will not exceed the amounts shown in Table 1. (Please note that Table 1 is still being prepared).

Will kicking damage the gBall?

The gBall is optimised for drop punts which distribute force equally around the ball's axis. Excessive use of torpedos or banana kicks can conceivably disrupt DENNIS' accuracy sensors.

What does the AFL and its players think about the change to the ball?

We are told that the AFL is very interested in the gBall and is closely watching amateur and school football across the country this weekend, but you'd have to ask them. Generally, the response of beta testers has been positive, with the gBall reducing the length of initial kicks by only 3 to 5% on average. However, we believe that the kicking tips provided by the gBall interface will more than make up for this difference over time, with increased practice.

In early testing, players experienced a few minor electrical shocks and burns due to components short-circuiting, but we've worked with local standards bodies to ensure we've overcome this issue and hope that the affected players will be available to play in a few weeks.

Are you working to adapt this technology for any other sports?

We've been working with a number of sporting leagues internationally to roll-out this technology in new balls. However, a rigorous engineering testing period and new algorithm development is needed to adapt the technology to the varying curvilinear parabolic models produced by different shaped balls.

Why didn't you introduce this for Round 1 of the 2009 season for leagues around the country?

Playing one round of football with the old ball gives us a statistical basis on which to compare the impact of the gBall. Also, an extensive testing period was needed to ensure there would be no negative effects to the game or its players.

Who provides the kicking tips to users?

Google's new CADIE technology will interpret the data obtained from each ball to provide useful tips to owners.

What about privacy considerations?

Your gBall account is entirely opt-in and can be disabled at any time. Data sent to 3rd parties does not identify the user or the kicker. It only shows that a registered gBall with a particular serial number was kicked a particular distance at a particular time. You can delete your kicking history at any time by logging into your Google account. We anonymise all kicking logs after 9 months.

Can I change the notification from a vibration to a tune?

Watch this space. We hope to support team song notification alerts soon. Songs will be available for download in your gBall account.

Does this make the ball harder to kick?

A bit. But not much. And this is more than offset by the personalised kicking tips that are provided online. So long term, the impact will be positive.

What if I am kicking my brother's gBall and it vibrates, and it's my kicking that caused it - but he takes the credit and registers with the talent scout?

We recommend that you never kick anyone else's gBall unless you trust them to give you full credit for the kick if it vibrates. In this particular situation, you should give your brother a nipple cripple.

I just bought an old football for Christmas. Can I retrofit my existing football with gBall technology?

No. That's like putting a model ship in a glass bottle. How do they do that by the way?

How precise is the satellite measurement and tracking of the gBall?

It's accurate to within 0.025 pixels on a standard 17" LCD monitor.


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