Whether you’re looking to improve your digital marketing, TV ads, or offline channels, Attribution 360 can help you optimize your entire marketing strategy. Attribution 360 allows you to build accurate attribution models that capture your full marketing efforts.

TV Attribution

Integrate digital and broadcast data to understand cross-channel performance.

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  • Airings Data down arrow icon

    Attribution 360 collects ad airings data from standard broadcast sources and partners.

  • Digital Response Data down arrow icon

    TV Attribution collects minute-by-minute search query data for keywords associated with your ads as well as website visits and conversion data.

  • Integrated Insights down arrow icon

    Broadcast lift and optimization insights from TV Attribution are used by Digital Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling to give you a more accurate understanding of how TV impacts performance across all your channels.

  • Machine Learning Impact Estimates down arrow icon

    After TV spots air, TV Attribution analyzes website and search query activity to determine their impact. Our advanced machine learning models sort through the digital noise, even when spots air simultaneously, to compute incremental impact at the most granular level.

Digital Attribution

Understand and optimize your digital marketing performance.

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  • Data-Driven Attribution down arrow icon

    Instead of using a rules-based or last-click model, Digital Attribution uses a data-driven algorithmic approach to determine the appropriate amount of credit to assign to each marketing touchpoint.

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration down arrow icon

    The DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration makes it easy to use DoubleClick Campaign Manager data, such as view-thru impressions, in your Attribution 360 account.

  • Flexible Data Integration down arrow icon

    Integrations with Attribution partners and other Google products give you seamless access to your Google Analytics, AdWords, and DoubleClick data. This allows you to easily collect all the data you need, including marketing performance, cost, and context data.

  • Offline Conversion Connector down arrow icon

    Our Offline Conversion Connector shows which in-store sales can be attributed to digital marketing. The value of online channels — from display to search, affiliate, email, social, and more — can be measured in revenue generated in store.

  • Real-Time Bidding Programmatic Connector down arrow icon

    Our bid management integration lets you send Google Attribution 360 data to your DSPs and RTBs to more accurately allow for enhancements to your automated bidding.

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