Attribution 360 Capabilities

Google Attribution 360 brings online and offline media together for deeper insights that lead to better performance and higher return on marketing investment for cross-channel campaigns.

Streamline your view.

See all of your data clearly.

With your marketing spread out across so many channels, it can become difficult to determine how each channel is impacting the others and which ones are truly driving sales.

Google Attribution 360 offers a streamlined view of all performance metrics. It unifies and analyzes all available data streams to create a highly accurate model of a marketer's full efforts. You can view your performance as a whole, or drill down into detailed views of channels and campaigns.

Simplify data collection.

Access your analytics and performance data with just a few clicks.

Insights can come from almost anywhere, but not every measurement solution gives you the ability to tap into all your data sources. If they do, the process can often be time-consuming and prone to issues.

With Google Attribution 360, integrations with DoubleClick, Analytics 360, and other Google products simplify the challenge of importing your data and help you get insights faster. There’s no need for retagging and you can be sure that your data is complete and consistent.

Gain confidence with a best-in-class approach.

See the true value of your marketing.

When you’re not sure which of your channels are generating results, it can be difficult to give credit to those channels. That’s why it’s so important to have clear visibility into the customer journey and the effect your marketing is having on consumers.

With its sophisticated data-driven algorithmic approach, Google Attribution 360 analyzes every conversion sequence to reveal the true value, or “lift,” of each. By processing the first and third-party data, it’s able to measure the effect each ad has on a conversion when it's included (or not) in a particular sequence and determine where credit is due. If the rates are identical or nearly so, the missing event deserves little or no credit. If the rates are strikingly different, then that missing event did have an impact. The result? You make better cross-channel decisions and drive greater returns.

Develop clarity at scale.

See what’s working and gain insights for improvement.

If you want accurate insights built around your unique business needs, you need an attribution solution that looks at all your channels. Too often, marketers find themselves trying to piece together an attribution model that makes sense for their business by pulling together the data themselves.

The holistic user interface of Google Attribution 360 offers insights and recommendations in your language, based on your business needs. From TV attribution to digital attribution, it captures each individual journey at the customer and device level to mitigate cookie issues, mobile blind spots, and double-vision. In turn, you get more accuracy in attribution modeling and better strategic insights across all channels.

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Carat helps a leading automotive brand drive marketing innovation with a clear view of cross-channel customer behavior.

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Find out how Lenovo reached a radically new view of marketing results with data-driven attribution.

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Open Colleges

Google Attribution 360 helps Open Colleges see how TV ads turn into online leads

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