Our Customers
American Red Cross

Being able to improve how we protect our community was the ultimate goal, and with this technology I believe we've succeeded.

Tools for success

The San Diego Red Cross was able to coordinate its disaster response efforts with other emergency responders on one easy-to-use, common operating platform using Google Maps.
Google Search Appliance enabled The American Red Cross to save on IT costs and achieve better results by setting up two Google Search Appliance systems.
Fire & Rescue NSW

"We’ve found the Chromebox a powerful, fast, minimalistic appliance that suits us perfectly as we move even further into the cloud."

Tools for success

  • Since adopting the Chromebox, the load on the IT maintenance team has been reduced. Fire and Rescue NSW no longer have to do updates, as everything is updated through a centralised portal.
  • Unlike other devices such as tablets, the Chromebox looks and feels like a PC, so the firefighters are comfortable and productive right away.The Chromebox also boots quickly and offers lightning-fast performance and many firefighters have commented on the fast and welcome speed.
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As we’ve grown, App Engine has scaled with us. We’ve been able to scale to many orders of magnitude without having to re-architect our systems.

Tools for success

  • Pulse wanted to invest in a powerful app-building platform to optimize their news reader application and deliver content quickly to mobile devices.
  • Pulse used App Engine to achieve a 70-fold increase in users in about a year and a half.
  • Pulse avoided hiring two additional engineers and using a costly content delivery network to distribute news.
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I don't want my employees to have better devices at home than at work - I want them to be excited by the tools they get to work with.

Tools for success

Chromebooks allows Kaplan to improve its customers’ experience and its own efficiency. Kaplan wanted the ability to introduce innovation to students and employees on an ongoing basis with relative ease.

Kaplan uses Hangouts and a shared meeting notes in Google Docs so professors know if students are actually paying attention.

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