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Re-imagining education using Google Hangouts.

Just imagine you could use Google Hangouts as a Time Machine. You could go back in time and ask all those questions you always wanted to, you could get all the sordid, gross details that really make History fun. Well, with the help of Google Hangouts we are bringing history to life! Join in the fun. By going to on the dates and times below and watch live as history comes to life!

Gallipoli 24th June, 10am

April 25th 2015, is the 100 year anniversary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) troops at Gallipoli, Turkey during World War II. In commemoration of this historical ANZAC Day we will meet Australian and New Zealand soldiers in our Gallipoli Hangout in History. Diggers from the frontline, will tell their tales of mateship, whilst back at home we will meet their wives and children as they wait on their loved ones to return.

The Gold Rush 2nd September, 10am

Meet extraordinary characters from the past who were involved in the discovery of gold in Australia in 1851. The ‘rush’ followed quickly after, as people from near and far, from diggers to miners, the New Zealanders to Americans to the Chinese, the lucky and unlucky all flocked to the Australian fields in their quest for fortune. Join our Gold Rush Hangout in History, where we will meet these historical people and hear their amazing stories.

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