Google Krakow


We’re all engineering, all the time.

We’ve worked to ensure that we keep our data centers green by lowering our energy consumption.

We’ve built products like Google TV, and are working on Google infrastructure to make the Internet faster, so if you use Android, Chrome, Maps, Blogger, YouTube or core Google search, you’ve felt our presence.


Some of our conference rooms are named: Access Denied, Connection Lost, NullPointerException


Google Kraków
Rynek Glowny 12, II floor
31-042 Kraków
Phone: +48 (12) 68 15 300

Inside Google Krakow

Googlers in Krakow come from all over the globe. We’re an engineering office exclusively, and while most of us are software engineers, we do work in a variety of functions. In addition to our work on products like Google TV, we make a global impact on the Internet through our contributions to the infrastructure that helps keeps Google going.

Krakow is a well known tourist destination and one of the most livable European cities. Many Googlers walk or bike to work as our office is conveniently located in Krakow’s Main Market Square. From a vibrant nightlife to diverse cultural offerings to beautiful parks and an impressive educational system, Krakow has a lot to offer. In the cozy old town, you’ll find numerous concerts, festivals and other cultural happenings year-round. If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, there are four national parks within an hour from the city centre and Tatra mountains 1.5 hour south of Krakow.